Writer. Teacher. Editor.

Kate Maruyama is a writer who was raised on books and weaned on movies in New England. She now writes, teaches, edits, cooks, and eats in Los Angeles.

Her novel Harrowgate was published by 47North and her novella Family Solstice was named Best Fiction Book of 2021 by Rue Morgue Magazine.

Her short work appears in Asimov's, Entropy, Duende, The Coachella Review, and The Magnolia Review among others and in numerous anthologies including December Tales, Gathering: A Women Who Submit Anthology, Halloween Carnival Three, and Winter Horror Days. You can read short work on the Writings page.


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Family Solstice



“Maruyama takes the reader from a child’s fear of what may lurk in the shadow, to the terror of certainty, to the horror of complicity, where the blood on your hands counts as a badge of honor.” — J.D. Horn, author of The Witches of New Orleans series

An intriguing coming-of-age story that slides–at first gradually, but then suddenly and horribly–into the nightmares of understanding. –Ben Loory, author of Tales of Falling and Flying

"It's difficult to trace the point at which Kate Maruyama's Harrowgate makes a turn into darkness, but be assured that it most definitely does. Strong characters in a believable relationship, clear, flowing prose, and a plot that won't quit, make the menace palpable. Be prepared to stay up till dawn with this one." —Jeffrey Ford, author of The Shadow Year

"Strangely moving and movingly strange, Harrowgate is the world's creepiest answer to 'How's the wife and kid?' " —Daniel Handler, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events 

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