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Writer. Teacher. Editor.

Kate Maruyama is a writer who was raised on books and weaned on movies in New England. She now writes, teaches, edits, cooks, and eats in Los Angeles.

Her novel Harrowgate was published by 47North and her novella Family Solstice was named Best Fiction Book of 2021 by Rue Morgue Magazine. Her novella Halloween Beyond: A Gentleman's Suit is out now from Crystal Lake Publishing.

Her duo of novellas, Bleak Houses: Safer & Family Solstice was just announced at Raw Dog Screaming Press and will launch this June and her non-genre novel Alterations is upcoming from Running Wild Press.

Her short work appears in Asimov's, Entropy, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Duende, The Coachella Review, and The Magnolia Review among others and was awarded the Uncharted Magazine Short story Prize. It has also appeared in numerous anthologies including December Tales, Gathering: A Women Who Submit Anthology, Halloween Carnival Three, and Winter Horror Days. You can read short work on the Writings page.

She is a member of the SFWA and the HWA where she serves on the Diverse Works Inclusion Committee, where she helps edit The Seers' Table. She has served as a juror for the Bram Stoker Awards and twice for the Shirley Jackson Awards. She is currently serving on the working board of Women Who Submit.

Portrait of the author, Kate Maruyama

Photo by Rachael Warecki @CameraRAWPhotography

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Halloween Beyond

My latest projects

When the veil thins on All Hallow’s Eve, the Halloween Beyond Superstore gets up to mischief. Behind its costumes, animatronics, and Ouija boards lies a deeper Celtic magic that will take our heroes, Kayla, Lex, and Maddie to places they’ve never imagined, and they might never escape.

A Gentleman's Suit: When Lex’s dad buys an enormous animatronic version of Death on a boat, the very fabric of Halloween changes and Lex has to step onboard into the unknown and face an impossible task.

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