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Discussion on BLEAK HOUSES, Class and Privilege with Peter Riehl on Chills at Will podcast. We talk horror and the different operational realities during lockdown.


Living with Ghosts, Harrowgate with Kate Maruyama on Are you there Ghost? It's me, Chiwan. In which I talk about Mrs. Woessner, the ghost living in our house.

Family, Trauma, and Life as Writers on Discussion about writing in a pandemic, Family Solstice, and beta readers.

Virtual Memories Podcast @vmspod Discussing writing in the pandemic, Family Solstice, activism.

Writing Better Futures in Times of Crisis @ Conversation with Nisi Shawl, PJ Manney, Sherri Smith, Cecil Castellucci & Matt Kressel

Virtual Memories with Gil Roth:

Open Book with Maggie Downs and Tod Goldberg: Interview with Kate Maruyama

AirTalk with George Strombouloupolis : How to Beat Writer's Block

Break Thru Radio: Book Talk with Kory French

Mom Rage with Edan Lepucki and Amelia Morris: Planet Teenager

The Citron Review: Interview with Heather Luby

The Creative turn with Yuvi Zalkow
The podcast based on the book based on the movie (with Kate Maruyama)

Interview on The Lunch Ticket:


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