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Antiracism Resources

As a white writer who lives in a racially mixed family and community, I have access to a lot of resources. I share them here, should you need ways to talk about race or fight racism in your own community.

Infographic by Danielle Coke showing how to read signals of when to Listen, Speak & Amplify BIPOC

Image Courtesy of Danielle Coke @ohhappydani! 

ran with my Women Who Submit article below

Racism 101” is a wonderful series on LAist that doesn’t dance around simple questions people might have about racism. Look up any topics you might find useful.

Acknowledgement on Race and Land” Cybele Garcia Kohel Cultural Weekly helps frame where we are in the US racial history and small steps we can take.

A History of Suspicion” by Dr. Ashaki M. Jackson is useful if you are not Black and are having trouble understanding how different it is to live in this country while Black.

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles has up to date resources for where to push back, where to donate (I admire how they point to organizations who need donations most at the time) as well as educational resources.

Nikkei Progressives were formed by first generation Japanese citizens who were incarcerated during WWII. When they saw anti-Muslim sentiments rising, they realized that what they thought could never happen again might. They have been active in the fight against anti-Muslim sentiments, the incarceration of undocumented people, and other forms of systemic racism.

CHIRLA. The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in LA provides practical and legal aid for immigrants in Los Angeles. You can find similar organizations wherever you live (RAICES works in Texas).

18 Million Rising has activism opportunities for Asian Americans.

Breathe and Push: Being a Better Ally My own thoughts on being mindful in rooms meant for others.

Follow The Seers’ Table at the Horror Writers’ Association to learn about more writers off the beaten path: And follow me on Twitter and Instagram to learn about more amazing BIPOC & LGBTQI+ identified writers you may not have heard of. Reading widely is the best source for learning more about this gorgeous human race.

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